Art and Expression

Cottage Core vs. Reality

Cottage on Mackinac

This week was a bit interesting, in that I both interviewed someone for MY podcast and was the guest on another. (Look for that on The Homestead Journey in a little while). And, in both cases, the trend of “Cottage Core” came up.

What is “Cottage Core”? you may reasonably ask, gentle reader? I’ll give you a quote here from a piece Good Housekeeping did on the trend:

Art and Expression

Side Projects

I’ve been something of a busy little bee lately. I’ve started a podcast, as a way to try to communicate my thoughts on the idea of good stewardship and to push back against the societal pressure to eradicate the values and world of rural America.

We view the world through the stories in our heads, so it’s time for me to tell some new ones. Or, rather, some old ones as the case may be. In this case, some of the stories I’ve found while exploring my family geneaology. It seems my mother’s family were once members of the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow. Yep. That Sleepy Hollow. There are a few good tales about them, including one by Washington Irving.