In the Bleak Mid Winter

Grey Winter Day on the meadow

Well. It’s been quite a year. Like most folks, I have been trying to keep on an even keel as the world spins through events none of us saw coming. I have been more fortunate than most, with continued steady employment, health, housing, and the like. But the disruption has been wearing.

And now that disruption has increased its reach. As the largest social media platforms have decided to engage in behavior that would make the Stasi blush (seriously, when you’ve lost German Chancellor Merkel…) and the alternative platforms are a swill of conspiracy theories, I think the best course may be to revive the blog.

While circumstances have rather prevented us from pursuing most of our plans right now, it also seems like this could be a time to attempt to branch into some other little things I have been thinking about. One of those things is a video channel/podcast or some combination of the two. Quite what it will be and look like, I’m not sure yet. Possibly I will take a leaf from the book of the BBC’s series, Victorian Farm, and it’s ilk. Although I have no intention of spending a calendar year replicating the life and agricultural practices of a specific period in history. Rather, I mean to try to preserve and revive rural American culture. Although, this project, too, will require choosing a platform. Peertube? Rumble? Youmaker? Something else?

Stay tuned.

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