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Living a human life in a digital world

There is satisfaction in making and doing things for yourself, and your family. A homespun joy in recapturing our rootedness in the world. Making, growing, and tending all help create a haven for you and yours.

Our Story

The Brambleberry Meadow is a 10 acre of neglected land, with a small walnut plantation, a sugarbush, a creek - and lots of brambles! Here, we plan to build a home for ourselves and our two special needs daughters, raise heritage livestock, plant an orchard, and do our best to steward the resources we have. While we work on getting all of THAT started, we'll share the ins and outs of cooking real food, reviving rural culture, and creating home comforts by hand. Read the blog, and listen to the podcast for more!

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I'm also part of the blogging team for Grit Magazine. Maybe you've seen my articles there.

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